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                 Feelings, Emotions and Body Language.


First and foremost ,I want to say that I can not imagine my life without music. I'm an audiophile, so I listen to different music depending on the mood. I am trying to be aware of all musical innovations. Music gives different types of emotions when playing music in headphones, people do not notice anything around and just enjoying the start up process of euphoria. This is one of my favorite songs, which gives a good mood, you  want right away dancing and give everyone your smile.

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                      Word famlies. Word formation.                       

For many centuries created our language, a mixture of spoken
Latin language and local dialects formed independent national
language known as Romance.Many Greek words came to us through the Slavonic language after the adoption of Christianity: angels, archangels, Apostle, Bible, Gospel, altar, icon. etc. The next wave  observed in connection with the study in Ukrainian schools in XVI-XVII centuries. Greek language. At this time Ukrainian language consists mainly of school terms: grammar, logic, history, mathematics.
Also borrowed from Greek many structural word elements: car, anti, micro, macro, aerial, hrono-, photo-. For Greek words is typical initial vowels A, E, and F consonant, sound combinations CS, SS, suffixes -ik (s) -ad (s) -yd (a) -id (s), etc.
The Latin words began to penetrate the Ukrainian language in the X-XI centuries .: Caesar, Carol,  fortune. The bulk latinisms comes to the Ukrainian language, since XV-XVI centuries. When the schools Ukraine began to study Latin. Now the terms coined from the Latin language, used in all fields of science, technology, politics, culture and art. For latinisms characteristic prefix de-, ex-, in-, re-, the suffixes -aln (second) -at, -atsi (I) -eyt, -tor, -TUR (a) -um, -us: depression, exposure, impress. 

Unit 5, p.90-91, "Magic of Pantomime" 


Noun     Verb            Adjective  Adverb

     help                to help                    helpful                    helpfuly

     excitement      excite                      exciting                exatingly
     magic               magical                    magical             magicaly
     offer                   to offer                            -                      - 
     reatcion             react                        reactible             reactibly
         -                          -                                  dark                  darkness

     decision           decide                         dicideble                -
     variety                vary                            various              variously
  success    succeed          successfulsuccessfully
       effect                 effect                       effective, effectial        effectively

Online tools and resources for vocabulary  building. 

Dear Julia, 
  Hi! How are you?I was surprisingly shocked at receiving your letter. We have not seen for so long it is pity because I don't be aware of  your life. In your letter you wrote that you have made a decision to start learning English so I want to give you several pieces of advice how to build your vocabulary effectively and you immediately will achieve your goal. Today we have many methods that help to learn  language, I want to give some advice to work out the easiest way.
  First and foremost, you need concentrate and  to build your vocabulary effectively. Every day you should to concentrate your mind on ten to twenty new words it will helps you to remember and quickly learn language. I recommend you to develop you own mnemonic techniques- ways. Secondly, I recommend you to make an effort and make an improvement, for instance by using effective online tools. They really are very effective, you can to select one of them which will be better for you. There are some absolutely free dictionaries which can be good alternative your book dictionary : http://dictionary.cambridge.org/ , http://www.abbreviations.com/ , http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/ . 

Cambridge Dictionary - don`t let unknown words slip your mind.

Oxford Dictionary   -  don`t be out of practice

Quizlet - the tool for creating and using flashcards to memorise and revise vocabulary.

I think in this tools by trial and error you learn many new for yourself and you will to keep up with new technologes and posibilities. I hope so, my advice will help you so, I am sure you will get the hang of  it and gain your purpose in the near future and improve your language skills. I wish you good luck and never give up.

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                            Dictionary Daze                             

" Dictionary - is not only the product but also the vector of the ideology of society. The choice of definitions, forms, and other areas. Using language units depends on the ideological and cultural attitudes of society. The dictionary as in a mirror reflected public relations culture in all its diversity. "
  • First and foremostach each dictionary is fulfilling its purpose and function. For example, when there are problems with depth perception and understanding of the meaning of words, hesitations of the correctness of its use in speech, writing to the dictionary.
  • For example, stress in words, if you have difficulties, you can always turn to the dictionary.
  • Dictionary - handbook for specialist.

  1. Hyperbole    /haɪˈpɜːbəlɪ/ - obvious and intentional exaggeration.
  2. Adverse    /ˈædvɜːs/-  unfavorable or antagonistic in purpose or effect
  3. Aver        /əˈvɜːs/- having a strong feeling of opposition, antipathy, repugnance
  4. Flaunt    /flɔːnt/ - to wave or cause to wave freely; flutter
  5. Flout    /flaʊt/ - to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock
  6. Luxuriant /lʌɡˈzjʊərɪənt/ - rich and abundant; lush
  7. Luxurious  /lʌɡˈzjʊərɪəs/ - characterized by luxury

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Techniques and Strategies of Vocabulary Building

 Our brain - it is remarkable system that allows you to take a lot of material. It like a house, and in every house should be its own order as well, and in my head - different information must be in place. For me, the best method of remembering it is repetition.
For example, as for me the best it is when I repeatedly read the same thing, so that works not only good remembering but and visual memory. Often it helps me to reproduce certain information. One of the methods is dividing into groups, like family, numbers, vegetables, everything that is connected with the house and so on. Method of association is not less useful or similarity of certain words. It should focus on small groups of words, it is better and easier to remember. So I think that rote memorization is ineffective. Information requires clear regulation and classification.