понедельник, 13 февраля 2017 г.

Techniques and Strategies of Vocabulary Building

 Our brain - it is remarkable system that allows you to take a lot of material. It like a house, and in every house should be its own order as well, and in my head - different information must be in place. For me, the best method of remembering it is repetition.
For example, as for me the best it is when I repeatedly read the same thing, so that works not only good remembering but and visual memory. Often it helps me to reproduce certain information. One of the methods is dividing into groups, like family, numbers, vegetables, everything that is connected with the house and so on. Method of association is not less useful or similarity of certain words. It should focus on small groups of words, it is better and easier to remember. So I think that rote memorization is ineffective. Information requires clear regulation and classification.